Company History

Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery began life in 1998 on Harriet's kitchen table.

But by early 2000 the company had expanded and moved to its first studio in the North Hertfordshire village of Weston. Award followed award and by 2002 HK Bespoke had received a special commendation from the judges at the National Jewellery Awards.

As growth continued into 2004, the company moved to a newly converted Tudor barn just down the road in Halls Green. The studio was opened by Charlie Higson, better known as Swiss Tony from BBC TV’s The Fast Show. The Hertfordshire Jewellery centre offers a completely different approach to retail and bespoke design, and in 2012 its concept was heralded by the retail industry as one of the most significant achievements of the year.

In 2005 the company’s vision of a ‘Design for the High Street’ concept store was realised through the opening of a new branch in Green Street in Cambridge; a walk-in design studio that achieved the UK Jewellery Award for innovation.


The company continued to grow and in the year that marked twenty years since Harriet launched her business, a third location opened its doors in North London's Primrose Hill. Just moments away from the green open spaces of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, the London Studio & Shop combines cutting edge retail with a working design studio. 

Today Harriet Kelsall Bespoke is a team of over 40, recognised in the UK and across the world as a leader in bespoke jewellery design and held nationally as an inspirational market-leading business.