Award Winning Bespoke


We are one of the UK's most respected bespoke jewellery design companies having pretty much invented the high street bespoke trend you see today. We've a mass of awards celebrating this contribution to the jewellery industry and our bespoke service is recognised as second to none.

Our difference lies in our unrivalled ability to perfectly tell you unique story with a one-off design created just for you - designed to match your style and your budget, and with our experience in crafting 23,000 custom made pieces, each one unique for people or all walks of life from all over the UK and the world.

Every day, in one of our studios, we're celebrating an engagement with a unique design inspired by a love of nature, a special proposal, or a favourite pass time; we're shaping a wedding ring around an engagement ring; creating a colourful eternity ring with children's birthstones; we're celebrating the life of a loved one or redesigning someone's jewellery to pass on to the grandchildren.

We hope to share with your story and make you something special to keep for a lifetime.